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Kinda Friends Only

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- All comments made by non friends are screened.
- Do not add me if you don't want to hear me bitch and whine.
- Do not promote your community here. I will mark it as spam.
- I will not add you if you do not comment.
-Please be over 18, as some adult subject matter is discussed.
-Some content is sponsored; I will tag it with sponsored if so.
- I make my entries private every few months, but I do not delete anything.




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Well its been an interesting 40 hours awake LiveJournal.

Dad's House

Dad's House

Content by Sol Rosales

My father lives alone on the outside of town and while I think it’s wonderful he’s still so independent, I often worry about his safety. Ever since mom died he’s been a bit of a loner and though I love dad with every fiber of my being, he can definitely be stubborn. He insisted on staying in their home and though I think it’s a bit too big for him to keep up he seems to be really happy. I made him look home-Alarm-Systems.comwith me so I could get an alarm for when he’s there by himself and I also hired a home nurse to come once a week and help him with things like cleaning and grocery shopping. I worry about him so and it’s tough living so far away from him but I’m pretty sure he knows he’s got my support whenever he needs it. We’re planning a trip out sometime over the summer but we’re going to surprise him which I think is just going to make his month!

I really do not need more lipstick.. but yet I want more.




Sometimes I wonder : Do I even have an lj anymore. I've been using LJ for makeup related things in communities. I remember when I'd refresh my friends list 5 times before lunch. Now I read, I go to pages and when its time to leave a comment I just sort of.. stop.

I use blogger (notsotrophyusmcwife.com) but it isn't as personal as I was here. I just feel like.. I don't know who to trust anymore.

LJ has soured me in the past few years, really. The last two. I've seen friends flip on eachother and out secrets to drama communities. I've had personal entries to milwives capped and posted to personal journals. I've had people anonymously contact my husband via fake facebooks to tell him random things he already knows.

Anything I post on line I feel like I have to own up to and deal with the consequences. It just bothers me that there is no such thing as a safe space. I just think that's a shame.

Part of me wants to just privatize this journal, archive and export it. The other part wants to just enjoy the drama free comms I've joined. I just dont know.


Oct. 4th, 2010

Allow me to not be sarcastic. *shrugs*



Story of my life.

I'm sitting at the computer crying my eyes out reading the little red hen.

Ethan cut his hair. x.x


? how does this work