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24 December 1986

   My name is Alexandra. I am a capricorn born in the mid 1980s. I've been to tech schools and colleges but never fully finished. I change my interest to often to fully commit. I have been a fast food worker, telemarketer, porn store clerk and nurse. None of which seemed to be something that I would make a career out of. Right now I'm debating becoming a professional body piercer, as I am very passionate about body modifications. My current body mods are: 2x 18g Pinnas, 1/2" stretched lobes, 18g right nostril, 14g septum, 14g monroe, 14g tongue stud, 2x off center 14g labrets, 14g navel and soon to be repierced 2x 14g nipples, 4 tattoos (some of them larger than others and a partridge in a pear tree. 
    I am very opinionated, and quite stubborn. However I can respect other people's opinion. I am pro-choice. If you do not like abortions, I suggest you do not have one. I am pro-gay marriage. If you don't support it than don't be gay and don't get married. I support an individual's right to bear arms. I am pro-military but anti-war. I think we can support the troops with out the war. I do not like the two main candidates, but I rather vote for Obama than some man who wants to take my rights away.
I have a five year plan. Within the next five years. First and foremost I plan on losing between seventy and one hundred pounds. My weight is something that I am sick of carrying. I want to be healthy. I want to feel like me and not the girl who ate me. Secondly I'd like to pay off my debt. We have a motorcycle, a minivan and a few credit cards. Nothing major but I'd still like to be debtfree.

06/19/ 2008 16 lbs down!
I am a huge movie buff. My favorite movie is toss up between "Drop Dead Fred" and "Edward Scissorhands". I love to watch tv. The shows I watch are NCIS, Law and Order (all forms), CSI (miami & vegas), and Dr. Phil. Reading is a hobby that has led to book collecting. My favorite author is Piers Anthony and I currently own all but three of his books. My favorite band is the cure and my favorite foods consist of cheese steaks and water ice. My favorite non-alcoholic drink is vanilla cream soda. My favorite domesticated animal is a cat but my favorite wild animal is a Zebra. I am very fascinated by snaked suck as pythons but I'm not sure how I feel abouy keeping them as pets. I like playing with my wii. My favorite games at the moment are wii fit and wii sports. I like to play Rockband with my husband on his Xbox360 also.Currently I enjoy going to the drive-in movies with my kids.
I dislike a lot of things but hopefully I can save the long rant for a journal entry. I dislike people who force their beliefs on others, people who misrepresnt themselves to others, liars, cheaters, people who knowingly sleep with married men, those damn "Marine Wife: hardest job in the core stickers, bug bites, feet, ingrown hairs, people who think they are above the welfare label because they received social security, California, when my husband gets called back into work on the weekends and the loneliness deployments provide.
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My husband's name is Erik. He was also born in the mid 1980's but is two years and like a month older than I am. We started dating a month before I turned 16 and a week after he turned 18. Our offical dating anniversery is November 18, 2002. Fall has always been a season full of happiness for me so I feel fate is involved there. The following July he left for boot camp to become a United States Marine. I was less than thrilled but I got over it. In November of 2003, while he was in MOS school for electric optics ordinance repair (lol mouth full)he asked me to marry him. Being as I was 16 I didn't really know what to say. I figured if I had said no I would have crushed him so upon him asking me I hugged him and looked over his shoulder and thought to myself "What have I gotten my self into now". I told him yes. December 23, 2004, six months after I garduated high school, I became his wife. Since he has been stationed on Camp Pendleton. In February of 2006 he went on his first deployment which ended up being in Iraq. That deployment he ended up missing the birth of his first child Aedan. In late 2007 he reenlisted in the Marine Corps and currently has plans to get out in maybe 2023...
Someone once told me to never forget where I came from. Let the experiences impact me but not define me. I think I struggled with doing this for quite sometime but my friends are the ones who helped me with this along the way. In my short 20ish years of existance I have found some life long friends. Caryn, who I met before I was potty trained. No matter how much we fought, we always got over it and quick. Karalee, who I met in grade school, she always was willing to go along with my crazy ass plans no matter how dangerous or how much trouble we'd get in. Sarah, who I met in highschool, who was Erik's best friend first but now I think we're closer. This girl saved my life. And then last but not least Amber. I never thought that I would meet someone out here and consider them a close friend. I seriously think she's one of the only reasons I'm okay with being out here.
Since my favorite domesticated animal is a cat, it would only make sense that I would have one right? I have a cat. Her name is Johnny Rotten. Yes she is a girl. Yes she is named after a guy from the sex pistols. No I do not care if you think a girl cat should have a girl name. I received her as a birthday gift from an ex boyfriend back in December of 2001. She was so tiny and not quite ready to leave her mother so I bottle fed her about three weeks. Her breed is Bengal, but she doesn't quite live up to the breed standards. Even though she is very curious she isn't very playful. She is very chill. She loves Erik even though he is allergic to her and tolerates our boys very well. She is my little fur baby and I love her so much. Soon her friend Willow will be coming to stay with us for a few months and we eagerly expect that. We are also maybe thinking about addidng a new addition to our furry family and getting a dog. We are pretty much set on a bully breed but we haven't agreed on size yet.
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I have two darling little boys named Aedan Michael and Ethan Drake. Aedan was conceived before his daddy left for Iraq but was born before he came home. Ethan was conceived within the first week his daddy came home from Iraq and was born less than a week before his big brother's first birthday. Aedan likes watching Nick Jr and riding on his rocking Zebra. Ethan enjoys sleeping in our bed instead of his own and eating everything within sight. They both love riding in their wagon and Johnny.
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